The Mini House


The Mini House concept is designed by Swedish architect and designer Jonas Wagell and started in 2007 as a simple, but refined 15 square meters shed equipped as a weekend resort or guest house. Flat-pack delivery and quick set-up was key features. Since then, the concept has grown and developed in several steps. Currently, the concept is only available in Sweden, but during 2015 it will finally be accessible on a wider scale on the European market.

The concept today is based on prefabricated volumes which are transported on a truck and placed on the final site with a mobile crane. All houses have interior finishing with wood floors, wood panel interior walls and few selected optional interior solutions like bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and storage in place from the factory. In theory, only a plinth foundation needs to be prepared, unless the houses are equipped with kitchen or bathroom, which will require further planning and work (and local permissions) in regards to sewage etc.

Jonas Wagell is a Swedish architect and designer born in 1973. Wagell’s studio is based in downtown Stockholm but his collaborations stretch as far as Taiwan and North America. His work has come to be known for simplistic playfulness and clever compact living.