BAUMRAUM Urban Treehouse

BAURAUM Urban Treehouse

The tree houses are fun to connect with nature and inviting to self-experimentation, to experience another form of life, of living, of daily life with nature.

The Bremer architect Andreas Wenning is one of the world’s leading architects in building treehouses. What originally began as a private passion, quickly became a professional success story. His architectural firm Baumraum has by now realized up to 50 tree houses worldwide.

Photographer: Laura Fiorio

They were deliberately not built on a “green field”, but in an urban setting, a residential area, which is equidistant between urban life and nature. One can have a thoroughly normal everyday life here, go to the baker, park the car on the street to the restaurant or the beer garden around the corner, and greet the neighbors. But they are at the same time immersed in nature, at eye level with the treetops, the birds and the sky over Berlin.

On each 24sqm of living space, in more than 4m height, the tree houses offer everything an exclusive studio in the tops need: a bedroom and living room with fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom with rain shower and a covered terrace. Of course they also include TV, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The solid wood construction ensures a natural climate and, combined with contemporary design furniture, a modern and cozy atmosphere.

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  1. Thank you for liking "Haunted Village" and "Happy Halloween." Wow, that's a fantastic tree house! I did not know there are people who make a living as professional tree house architects. :)

  2. A little imagination gives a beautiful home and a more interesting neighbourhood to live in.

  3. I've dreamed of living in a treehouse; inspired by The Swiss family Robinson and a bunch of Ewoks!

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