Dutch Skies

Dutch Skies

After 4 months, lots of shooting and thousands of pictures, Dutch 17 year old professional photographer Stef Kwinten (AKA Guilty), presents his video, Dutch Skies.


Music : Hammock – Sinking Inside Yourself.

In his own words:

With this video I want to showcase you the beauty of the Netherlands.
This video really opened my eyes about the beauty of the Netherlands. I always was complaining about the Dutch nature because I found it pretty boring without mountains and with lots of light pollution. But after seeing lots of nature in the Netherlands and lots of beautiful sunsets for this project, I finally can say : the Netherlands also got some beautiful nature.


  1. Beautiful video and photo - he's got talent!!

  2. It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

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  4. Thanks for sharing these Guilty pleasures :-)

  5. He has a bright future. Very talented.

  6. Beautiful video.....there is beauty all around us....we just need to open our eyes....our hearts and our minds and the beauty will overwhelm us.....thank you for sharing.

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  8. So special! :)

  9. Strong vision at 17.

  10. Oh, this is so beautiful!!! Simply breathtaking!!! Thank you for sharing!!! :)

  11. There is indeed certain romanticism associated with Dutch skies.. these windmills make them special .. you have done a great job in capturing them and presenting it to us ! good work mate !!

  12. Beautifully presented, Stef. You have found the Dutch skies for us!

  13. Many thanks for your visits and Likes! Your site is amazing! :)

  14. Thanks for the, like, on Elm Drive Images ... Muffin resting in the mprning Sun.

  15. Absolutely exquisite! What a talent. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Beautiful! Thanks for the visit and like on my site.

  17. Hauntingly beautiful. I have never been to The Netherlands, but my surname is Dutch, and from what I know of Dutch people, I am glad both the people and the land are part of my lineage.

  18. Beautiful! Definitely on my list to visit!

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