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Banda Magda

Banda Magda is a multiethnic band founded by Greek-born singer, film scorer, and composer Magda Giannikou. They move from samba to French chanson, from Greek folk tunes to Colombian cumbia and Afro-Peruvian lando. Their songs capture the best of mid-century pop ballads and cinematic arranging, drawing on the band’s global background and unchained musicality. Trained in film scoring at Berklee, Giannikou’s film music finesse has won her awards and caught the attention of everyone from Kronos Quartet to Louis CK (she sang a duet with CK for the comedian’s TV show).

Magda Giannikou: piano, accordion & vocals
Mika Mimura: vibes, marimba, glockenspiel, xylophones & vocals
Marcelo Woloski: percussion & vocals
Keita Ogawa: percussion & vocals
James Shipp: percussion & vocals
Ignacio Hernandez: guitar & vocals
Petros Klampanis: upright bass & vocals
Haggai Cohen-Milo: upright bass
Or Bareket: upright bass
Andres Rotmistrovsky: electric bass
Michael League: acoustic guitar & vocals
Bobby Lanzetti: electric guitar
Jordan Perlson: drums
Chris Bullock: tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet & vocals
Mike Maher: flugelhorn, trumpet & vocals
Juan Andres Ospina: piano & vocals
Justin Stanton: keys

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