Robin Falck - Nido


Robin Falck is a designer from Helsinki, Finland. In 2010 he wanted to build a place of his own. He found a beautiful piece of land and set out to design his own compact get-away. The design had to be compact enough to be built without a permit, because apparently in Finland, you only need a building permit if you’re building something bigger than 96sq. ft (or 9m²). So, his intentions were to maximize the small space available, use local/recycled materials and build it by himself. In two weeks and for approximately $10,500 the cabin was ready.

All images © Robin Falck

All the materials are local or recycled and were carried to the spot by hand to keep the nature untouched. The angle and size of the window gives the interior a lot of natural light, while during the night you get to see the starlit sky. On the first floor there is a lounge area with a micro-kitchen and on the second floor there is a sleeping and storage area.

All images © Robin Falck

Robin Falck named the cabin Nido (italian for ‘birds nest’).


  1. Lovely little piece of architecture and good use of natural light!
    Head over to check out my blog on interior design :)
    thanks in advance.

  2. I love it! Sensitively done in a beautiful location

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