Millennial Housing Lab - Getaway


Getaway is the Millennial Housing Lab’s first project, launched to help grow the Tiny House Movement. The Millennial Housing Lab is an action lab founded by Harvard Business, Law, and Design students with the mission of developing and realizing fresh housing ideas for a new generation. The Lab’s work focuses on all sides of the housing experience: architecture, neighborhood design, financing, regulation, and community-building. They started Getaway to be the first ever startup that helps you get out of the city. By doing their best to provide you with everything you need to break from routine, their goal is to help you hike your way back to balance. The Getaway is a tiny house in the woods about 2 hours north of Boston, Massachusetts.

All images © Kataram Studios

Cabin House: Ovida
Designed by Wyatt Komarin, Addison Godine, and Rachel Moranis.
Built by Patrick Mulroy.

Protected: Home

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