AF Bostäder- Smallest House

Smallest House by AF Bostader

AF Bostäder is a foundation, which according to its regulations has a function to own and manage buildings intended as inexpensive and suitable housing for active students who are members of Akademiska Föreningen (the Academic Society) in Lund, Sweden.

This 9 square meters (95 square feet) house was part of a 2012 AF Bostäder experiment, to figure out how to best combat the student housing shortage, by building dwellings students can afford. It was equipped with all the amenities a student might need: a bed, a place to cook, a washroom with a shower, and of course, a study table. Even a little garden space outside to accommodate flowers or vegetables.

Smallest House in Sweden


  1. This is very close to where I live. There are even cooler green houses right around the corner from there now. They have been completely finished and moved into since this video, but you might find it interesting. :)

  2. The link you have in "this" doesn´t work. :)

  3. Oh, it works now, sorry. :)

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