Studio 3Mark - SCS House


The SCS house project refers to the construction of a mini-house of just 18 square meters (6mx3m), or 194 square feet. Despite its small size it is complete with all the comforts. Inside you will find a kitchenette, a bathroom, a living area and a double bed. With two large openings the mini-house has the privilege to let natural light in and provides the opportunity to have a great panoramic view. The SCS house is made ​​entirely of plastered wood on the outside and is placed on a base made ​​of reinforced concrete. The interior is covered in OSB panels to keep it warm and cosy.
All images © Michele Cassino

Studio 3Mark is a creative laboratory founded in 2006 by Michael Cassino in an attempt to escape from the mere paperwork that haunts the lives of young architecture graduates. Initially made ​​up of three members, the laboratorary now consists of Michael Cassino and Manuela Red who are both graduates from the Polytechnic of Turin. Their work combines architecture, design and graphics and their purpose is to put in place new ideas, without leaving anything to chance, with simplicity, minimalism, linearity, use of props, while being consistent to the object and place they are working with.

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