Raumhochrosen - Tom's Hut

Tom's Hut

Tom’s Hut was designed by Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach in 2011 to be a recreation place in the woods, for a mental coach/Austrian songwriter, who was living his life in the extremes, and needed a wooden hut in the far out wilderness to balance his life in the middle of the town.

This simple house refers intensively to its environment, follows the contour of a previous decaying building and was actually designed to match the personality of the owner and his passions. An angular shape encloses space on two living levels in this retreat. Firmly closed on all sides with wooden bars, the hut can open its windows to different views. While totally made of wood and prefabricated it still provides everything one would need in a such a confined space. The hut has a striking identity and can become a partner, a place of retreat, but also a place that promotes hospitality and personal development. Arrive, find shelter, rest, nourish yourself and find balance within. Then look at the view outside into the wild. This was the vision of the architects.

Raumhochrosen was founded in 2001 by Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach and worked in architectural projects, project studies and local developments. Since 2013 they reorganized their business into two cooperating companies with different focuses.

Construction: Meiberger Holzbau
All images © Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel

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