Stefano Bonazzi

Stefano Bonazzi

Stefano Bonazzi (born in 1983) is a writer and digital photo manipulation artist, from Ferrara, Italy. He is self-taught.

In his own words*:

My characters are imbued with fear. Continuous interaction with other individuals has exhausted them, they have lost their confidence and chose to shield themselves behind a border that guarantees them protection, safe in their eggshell microworld. My characters prefer the soft gray over the dazzling colors of a vivid today’s nothingness. Gray is static. Gray is quiet. Gray is the paucity of a maternal limbo that heats and heals in its nebula placenta. Singular portraits played out on the ambiguity of a ferocious malice disguised as a veiled but relentless sadness. Or masks covering faces in an absolutely shameless manner, revealing a cheeky eroticism on the edge of an exasperated fetishism. But not everything that appears at first glance, is true. The mask is just an excuse. It can be or not be there. It’s a fictitious fetish, it is there even when it does not appear nor is shown in the form of other arcane geometries, tribal decorations or seals. My characters are unlikely girls with gas masks, businessmen in elegant suits, or disturbed caricatures of vintage storybooks, but they are first of all archetypes, icons, symbolic representations of a mutant status in which we partially belong or perhaps would like to belong but our place in society requires us to deny, restrict and marginalize as foreign entities from which to distance. Diversity attracts me on a personal level, the ambivalent duplicity of human nature that even momentarily escapes social unrest, conformity at all costs, perfection, being so hopelessly placed in a vicious circle of (re) production. A subtle, sickening spider web in which we are trapped every day. With my digital photography I try to take pictures that impress the nocturnal side of the human being. The mask covers every possible emotion, every somatic trait transforming the remaining figures in the field with no name and no past, ready to welcome a new form. As overwhelmed observers, my characters are moving unsure to an unknown universe of chaos.
*a little translation from Italian

This is a sample of his work.
All images © Stefano Bonazzi

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