The Toybox Home

Toybox Tiny Home

The Toybox Home by the designers Frank Henderson and Paul Schultz, combines modern design compositional forms with an ecologically responsible material palette to express a whimsical concept: a home is a place of peace, simplicity, happiness and recreation.

A white, energy efficient, thermoplastic roof plane (TPO) and painted cedar base wrap three colorful corrugated fiberglass cubes and natural cedar siding to create the basic composition of the home. A large sliding glass door and an assortment of square awning windows accentuate the facade allowing ample natural day-lighting and ventilation. The painted cedar base holds a planter that outlines the trailer of the house. Gray water from the house’s sinks can be plumbed to irrigate the planter.

The cubes and sloped building “wrapper” that enclose the Toybox’s exterior transfer to the interior helping to define 140 sf. (13 square meters!) of simple, functional and versatile spaces that satisfy all of the basic needs of home. A finished plywood surface wraps the sloped ceiling, wall and floor of the home’s interior. Blown in blanket (BIBs) insulation, radiant floor heating and natural ventilation (cross and stack) keep inhabitants comfortable year-round. Hidden LED strips and outlets located throughout the home provide lighting and power. Depending on chosen amenities and the level of finish work a home like this would range from $48,000 to $60,000.


  1. Wow, how cool is that?! And one can even move from city to city too. A workin' toilet = liveable.

  2. Really cool. Shared.

  3. Awesome. Simplicity. Truly a humble abode.

  4. Thank you for following my blog. Nice post! :) I like how the designers were able to pack in many interesting and practical features in a small amount of space.

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