Minimod is a prefabricated 27 square meters (291 sq.feet) modular refuge – an innovative alternative to smart and sustainable living, that takes advantage of the benefits of dry construction technology. The idea behind Minimod is to enable you to experience the landscape and become part of the geography. It is an architectural design exploration, systematic, technological and empirical. The Minimod dwell experience is inseparable from the landscape experience.

All images © Leonardo Finotti

It allows customers to define their needs and make their choices therefore it can accommodate various uses ranging from a compact getaway weekend, small showrooms for events, or even more spacious and complex needs, such as hotels.

All images © Leonardo Finotti

The Minimod and its expansion modules are 100% pre-manufactured and transported to the desired destination by crane truck or disassembled into smaller pieces and taken to the stage for final assembly. The expansion and addition of new modules can be performed upon the initial installation if needed, following the client’s needs and budget.


Minimod is designed by MAPA Architects, the fusion of MAAM and STUDIOPARALELO, two collaborating architecture firms in Brazil and Uruguay.

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  1. Great idea... something I've toyed with... rebuilding shipping containers into modular pods! ;-)

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