Heijmans ONE

Heijmans ONE

Heijmans & MoodBuilders from the Netherlands introduces a new concept of living to the market: Heijmans ONE. This special 45m2 (484 sq.feet) home offers opportunities to meet demands for qualitative and affordable rental housing, while at the same time solving a social issue.

Heijmans ONE intelligently combines two issues: a shortage of good temporary rental houses and the dreary sight of empty areas. Heijmans ONE is a beautiful and complete home that is placed temporarily in empty urban areas. It has all the necessary facilities, such as a kitchen, bathroom, large living room with an open space, a separate bedroom and its own front door with an outside patio.


Heijmans ONE serves the generation that falls between two stools. Who? The well-educated: between 25 and 35 years old, first job, single, the world at their feet. In 2050 we will count no less than 700,000 of these “young and high potentials”. Surpassing the number of inhabitants of Rotterdam. It is in these enticing places where they wish to develop themselves. However, they do have to make concessions: they earn too much for social housing, too little for the free rental sector. It is difficult to obtain financing for a house, and it is not always desirable either. Heijmans ONE focuses on the rental market. Living for € 800,- per month (indicative price), at a site where they can display their individuality.

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