MOS - House No. 2

MOS Floating House

House No. 2 (Floating House) is a MOS architects masterplan for a series of houses on an island, the main house of which floats in Lake Huron, on the Great Lakes, Canada. Since lake Huron’s water levels vary annualy and between seasons, the house floats on the lake upon a construction of metal pontoons.

All images © Florian Holzherr

MOS is a NY architect’s office founded in 2003. But they didn’t have an office space then and their name was [email protected]#?, which they quickly found was too difficult to use because 1. you couldn’t pronounce it and 2. you couldn’t get a web address. So eventually they drifted towards MOS – an acronym of their names and a shared desire to be horizontal and fuzzy, as opposed to tall and shiny.

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