Micah Mason - Black and White Pages

Black and White Pages

Micah Mason is an American musician who lives and works in Round Hill, Virginia, USA. “Black and White Pages” is an acoustic, simple yet effective song about personal childhood stories.

The video accompanying the song was shot in the place where Mason grew up as child, in Clarke County, Virginia. His four brothers and two sisters were involved in the video, ie the video is directed by his brother, Patrick Mason. The choreography and dancing is of his friend Chris Bloom, a modern ballet dancer from Ballet Hispanico. They wanted to make a ballet video that was immersive and exciting using unbroken takes to draw the audience into the story and emotion of dance.

Micah Mason’s Soundcloud

Micah Mason is preparing the release of his first album, which will be out early next year.

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  1. intriguing and mesmerizing

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