Ordinary - 25 Square Meter House

25 Square Meter House

In the run up to the general election of 2014, the then-Swedish minister of housing, Stefan Attefall, announced his plans for a new law. The Attefallshus clause means planning permission is no longer required for structures with an area below 25 square metres and a height of less than four metres. Despite a polite outcry and virtually-vocal objections from the architecture and planning communities, the new law was duly executed on 2 July, 2014.

This 25m² (269ft²) project is an exercise in modular prefab technology: a fully parametric model that allows the floor layout to change from narrow and long to thick and short while remaining within the stipulated area.


Ordinary is an experimental architecture design and research studio in London, UK.


  1. I like it but would enjoy exterior folding roof covers and walls that defines floating windows for winter cover.

    • Cool idea!

    • I would like to build a tiny house on wheels that unfolds at both ends to ad to its length. The shower will be a cube that could be taken apart and assembled, same with sink, a composting toilet cube out on a floating deck w exterior shower. I am trying to find materials that are used and inexpensive. I have a fixed income.

  2. Great stuff. Did you know that they have a similar law in Spain, but it can only have one door and one window and has to be so many meters away from the next one. I designed one, not as good as this, but never got around to building it.

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