It’s easy to connect, with a little help

Mentos Mentors

Mentos believes we could all use a little help connecting so it sent a group of shy adults out to make some friends. They gave them hidden earpieces and told them that “Communication Experts” would tell them exactly what to say. Sure, they weren’t expecting to hear five-year-olds but is there anyone better at making friends than kids? Here’s the whole project, captured on hidden cameras.

The ad was created by BBH London and was directed by Matt Pollock.
After using his skills to travel across Europe to save his kidnapped daughter, he then survived a plane crash and fought wolves with his bare hands and tiny airplane liquor bottles only to return to find his wife had also been kidnapped and once again he had to use his skills to save his family. In addition, Mat Pollock is also an award winning, accomplished director/writer who specialises in comedy and nailing a variety of genres with deliberate and eloquent execution.

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