Once is now


Who cares about tomorrow? Just about everyone, Bobble hopes. So it teamed up with 72andSunny to create an ad on helping end the trend of single­-use plastics.

True style is about substance. It does more than turn heads. It gets inside heads, inspires people to think about their impact on the world. Single-use plastic water bottles, on the other hand? Not substantial. Not stylish. Just more waste waiting for the landfill. At bobble, we want to inspire people to choose what matters over what’s easy, lasting style over fading fads. It’s time to end the trend of single-use plastic water bottles. Cost aside, they’re just not cool.


72andSunny creates cultural impact on behalf of brands. The company is recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2015 and is a two-time “Agency of the Year” winner for Advertising Age and Adweek. With offices in Los Angeles, Amsterdam and New York, 72andSunny services clients including Activision, adidas, Axe, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s, Carlsberg, ESPN, Google, Samsung, Smirnoff, Sonos, Starbucks, Target, Tillamook, Coors, General Mills’ Totino’s and truth.

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