Andrés Kal

Andrés Kal

Andrés Kal was born in 1975 and is a visual artist from Colombia. He started to draw and publish his work at the age of 17 on a local newspaper. A year later he decided to become a designer and illustrator so he went to Bogota university to study Graphic Design. Since his graduation in 2001 he has been making a living as an editorial illustrator for magazines, newspapers and by doing commercial artwork for renowned agencies and products. By 2007 he got fed up of working for the media, and decided to change path. So he challenged himself to pursuit a career as a painter. He took a break and moved to London in 2008 and from there he traveled around Europe for almost three years. He attended every exhibition, gallery and met every artist he found there. He also took drawing seasonal classes in The Prince’s Drawing School in London. He then returned to Colombia and since then he has been trying to express his dreams through creativity in his own studio. His experiences from his design background are represented on canvas, breaking, crossing and melting with the study of human body. He also likes to teach and share his knowledge and experiences with the students of visual arts and design in the University of Bogota.

In his own words:

My paintings are depictions of a journey through the human psyque. Brushstrokes are melt with Contemporary visual elements as a metaphor of our present time. Although despite of being figurative and more painterly i’am focused on female portraiture, not only chasing likeness or barely beauty, but rather on trying to catch the inner being and the complexity of feelings all of those things who we are not able to speak neither to put in words, those things which are not seen but what everyone feels. Through my artwork I just want people be aware of and connected by it.

This is a sample of his work
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