Miguel & Rosa's Home

Miguel & Rosa's Home

Miguel & Rosa’s Home is a 50m² (538ft²) prototype of a sustainable housing experiment developed by architect Luis Velasco Roldan and Angel Hevia Antuña in Sangolqui, Ecuador.

The project aims to conduct a comprehensive research on the components, materials, technologies and systems that increase the energy efficiency of a building within the Ecuadorian area, by building a home with the lowest possible ecological footprint adapted to the resources and degree of industrialization of Ecuador. It aims to achieve minimal ecological footprint by studying the materials and the minimum energy requirements. The project includes the installation of low cost monitoring systems, to keep the house in very stable temperatures and at all times within the parameters of comfort (20-21 ° C) while outside temperatures range from 12 to 20, eliminating overheating or requiring conventional heating systems.

All images © Gori Salvà

Luis Velasco Roldan studied architecture in the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Vallés, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (1999). He also has a PHD in Architecture and Energy Efficiency in Buildings by the Department of Architectural Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona, ​​Polytechnic University of Catalonia (2006).

Watch Miguel & Rosa and the house here (you don’t need to speak Spanish):

In the end of the video there is a quote by José Manuel Briceño Guerrero, from The Savage Discourse, which says:
The western will of power seeks to universalise, to make one out of many, to reduce the multiplicity of cultural worlds to the unity of its own world, to bring into its circle stars and songs, oceans and myths, birds and families, marigolds and children’s games; they want them to pass through their ring, to obey the crack of their intellectual whip, to dance to their music. I won’t be good at it. I want a varied, scattered, heterogeneous world where is possible to deploy a thousand wild fires.

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