Sarah Belkner - With You

Sarah Belkner

Sydney based singer, songwriter, arranger and composer Sarah Belkner triumphantly comes out from behind her previous moniker ‘Miss Little’ to release an album that is simply her being herself. Documenting her quest into bravery to uncover some truth about human nature, Sarah’s unique piano derived songs are fleshed into blended electronic acoustic landscapes. They are then iced with her eloquent orchestrations and timeless voice that is filled with emotional clarity and honesty.Funded by an Australian Council Of The Arts New Work Grant and a successful Pozible crowd funding campaign the album deals with human themes of questioning, truth, confusion, realisation, loss and relief. Sarah has been a musical explorer from an early age immersed in the wonder of songwriting, classical composition and arranging. She grew up in the shadow of a dormant volcano overlooking the ocean in New Zealand and won many awards for her choral compositions.

The video for With You, was directed and produced by Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston, based on the above featured photo of Wilk. The direction of photography is by Paul Flamand and the choreography by AJ O’Neill.

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