Andrea Castro

Andrea Castro

Andrea Castro is a visual artist born in 1987, in Spain. She started painting at the age of eleven and in 2004 she practiced beside painters such as Pascual de Cabo, Tomas Quintana and Begoña Riba. She later on studied Fashion Design at Escola Superior de Disseny de les Illes Balears, in Majorca. Castro considers art to be an alternative language, another way to express one’s self. She is fascinated by the idea of reaching people around the world, regardless of the actual language they may speak, and connect with them through her character’s emotions or stories.

In her own words:

I create internal conversations with the subjects of my paintings; they tell me what they want to transmit as I’m giving them shape. Once the character’s figurative part begins to become more clear, they will take over my work and express what they want. Then, this is the most terrifing but at the same time funniest part of the whole process: translating their wishes into stokes. Sometimes they are stubborn so a fight between me and those newly created persons begin as my primary idea vanishes and their’s becomes more fierce. My oil work is amid figurative and abstract art, with an special touch of expressionism that characterize my personage’s soul.

This is a sample of her work
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