Olivier Valsecchi

Olivier Valsecchi

Olivier Valsecchi is a French photographer, born in 1979. He began his journey in photography when he started to take photos in order to illustrate the records he was making as a music producer. For the following ten years, Valsecchi did plenty of self portraits until deciding to attend photography studies at the ETPA Photography school. Olivier finds that his entire photographic process, from planning a series to the moment of capturing an image, is a matter of personal intuition, emerging from his unconsciousness. His photographs deal with death, birth, maternity and rebirth. Olivier Valsecchi lives and works in Paris, France.


This is a sample of his work
All images © Olivier Valsecchi


  1. Wonderful and amazing photos, Oliver! Lyn McDonald

  2. Fascinating. I love the images.

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