Domestic Appliances

Domestic Appliances

Domestic Appliances is a short film by Lewis Firth Bolton about people with unusual living arrangements.

The film is a stop-motion animation mixed with live action scenes. The marriage of techniques comes from the off-beat subject of the internal lives of household appliances we often use in the monotonous cycle of daily life. Lewis Firth Bolton wanted to turn this beige, mundane cycle inside out and explore the chaotic lives of the inhabitants of a handful of domestic appliances used in one mans daily routine. In its surreal subject matter the film hints at the absurdity of the value we give to objects that make our lives a little simpler, when we often neglect the much larger problems of others. But I made little people act it out really slowly.

Lewis Firth Bolton is an award winning Edinburgh-based filmmaker and a recent graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, Animation BA (Hons). His main focus for several years has been stop-motion animation and post production.

In his own words:

Since being very young I’ve been drawn to it as a cinematic technique. Although I found out quickly that the process of making a stop-motion animation is an arduous one, it is also enormously gratifying.

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