Anna Wojtas

Anna Wojtas

Anna Wojtas was born in 1982 in the south-western part of Poland. Anna started to develop her photographic skills while still being a college student. Since the very beginning, her interests have been focused on taking shots of landscapes, mostly mountains where she grew up, which later became a leitmotiv of her photographs. A constantly growing desire to broaden horizons in the field of photography and to explore the world contributed to Anna’s traveling around Europe and the United States of the America. At that time, she became more keen on taking pictures of cities/towns and their architecture, using long exposition and experimenting with light. For several years, she has been living in Germany, where she works as a freelancer and where some of her works have been published.

In her own words:

Photography allows me to catch everything that is ephemeral in the space, knowing that none of it will happen or exist again.

This is a sample of her work
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  1. Beautiful. My favorite photos go beyond imagery; they prompt me to find meaning.

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