François Ollivier

François Ollivier

François Ollivier is a young self taught photographer from France currently based in Quebec, Canada. His work is characterized by people photographed in the middle of urban spaces or landscapes, the selection of which takes a lot of his time. He is most attracted to places that are not meant to look good, places that are only interesting through his lense, the light and the interaction he creates. 90% of the time, people in his photographs are complete strangers, that François places in the light and directs them.

In his own words:

It’s incredible how close you can get to a person just because you hold a camera. Like in real life, you won’t touch someone’s hair right? Well during a few minutes, the camera gives you that right. Also, I don’t plan much. Images just happen, I trust Providence.

This is a sample of his work
All images © François Ollivier

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