“Meanwhile” is a multi-awarded five minute animated short film which blends CG 3D and 2D drawn animation techniques. Beautifully made by Stephen McNally “Meanwhile” is actually his Royal College of Art masters graduation film.

It follows four characters traversing a city, each lost in their own separate worlds, trapped in their memories, regrets and frustrations. Through the use of bold colour schemes and fragments of narratives it powerfully explores life’s trials and tribulations, from the everyday right through to the tragic and examines empathy in urban insularity.

Stephen McNally is a Dublin born, award winning, Irish animation director and MA graduate from the Royal College of Art, working in London and represented through Blinkink. By combining animation with his own caricature-like illustration, Stephen produces work as technically superb as it is moving. Documenting love, loss and everything in-between, his characters bring home universal truths, capturing humanity in a way in which everyone can relate to.

All images © Stephen McNally

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