Jessica Rimondi

Jessica Rimondi

Jessica Rimondi is an Italian artist, born in 1987. She attended the Accademia Albertina in Turin, Italy and then moved to Berlin, Germany where she lives and works. Rimondi has participated in many exhibitions in Europe.

In her own words:

Curiosity for visual engagement is the driving force in my work… Subconscious, reality, society – with the action of subtraction of layers, the action of painting becomes physical embodiment of my journey; creating and subtracting different layers in the paint within their connected sensation. Communication between the subject and his user, the observer and the observed, intimate, non-verbal, sensorial, is what I try to achieve with this method. When I use gestures in my work, it is an emotional triadic process in which I attempt to develop a relationship, a communication between my subject, the observer and I. I want the subject of my paintings to be real, not only in their physical appearances, but I want them to reflect my personal research into the relationship between the image and the psychological penetration that is due to the expressive medium I am progressively developing in my works. The kind of work I want to develop will be the outcome of a creative process that takes into consideration the connection between the physicality of the painting material/gesture within the psychoanalytical approach onto the thematic of questioning subjectivity in the representation of the portrayed object.

This is a sample of her work
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