James Walker

James Walker

James Walker is a photographer living in Los Angeles, USA. He has been shooting as an amateur enthusiast all of his life, but it wasn’t until his late 30’s that he decided to study Fine Art Photography and Imaging. Now he is a full time image maker working with multiformats.

In his own words:

I simply am out to make the viewers mind different in some way than what it was before they saw the work in a positive, meaningful experience. Either to learn, or question something about themselves, in the work or see something new in a way they had not before. To have impact on someone’s life in some way is an honor you can’t get from cheap imagery. It takes time to create the work. A critical mindful process not only in it’s analog creation but in the narrative or subconscious serendipity. Of course this is only a dream.


This is a sample of his work
All images © James Walker


  1. Beautiful images. Are they real tintypes or digital impressions of them? No need to answer that. I'm sure I wil find out when I look at your links!

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