Ratatat - Pricks of Brightness


Ratatat is a Brooklyn-based rocktronica duo consisting of Mike Stroud (guitar, melodica, synthesizers, percussion) and producer Evan Mast (bass, synthesizers, percussion).


“Pricks of Brightness” is the 7th track out of their 2015 album “Magnifique” and the video is directed by Luis Cerveró, photographed by Nicolas Loir and produced by Division w/Blink.

In Luis Cerveró’s words:

This is my first video for an instrumental track, and all the concept came from that fact. On one hand, the idea was to reflect the issue of how important a clear message is in any artistic output, and what is left when you want to communicate but you can’t use words to do so. On the other, we gave central importance to the mathematical and structural side of the video, building a piece that is made of seven elements repeated seven times in the exact same order, time, and pace, to show how time and perception change when put against a music track that doesn’t follow the same structure. Besides the concept, this video’s been my first experience shooting with the french company DIVISION PARIS, and I can’t be more happy about how good it’s been to do this together. A special mention to maverick producer Roman Pichon Herrera, who gave it all from start to finish.

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  1. Love to video, looking forward to more from these guys.

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