Elijah Burgher

Elijah Burgher

Elijah Mathew Burgher is a Chicago-based artist and writer. He received his BA from Sarah Lawrence College in NY and his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he is a lecturer in Painting and Drawing. Burgher’s work has recently been exhibited at the Shane Campbell Gallery, Peregrine Program, Iceberg Gallery and Envoy Enterprises in Chicago.

In his own words:

…My relationship to drawing is intensely bound up in having given up painting about five years ago, subsequently focusing exclusively on the former. The switch triggered an avalanche of previously blocked content: stories and histories, fears and desires, small and big ideas. I concluded that painting’s voice is too loud, drowning out the sound of virtually everything else. The voice of the artist typically provides 1% of the content for any given painting. The remaining 99% consists in painting talking ceaselessly about itself: its history, materials, conventions, the current state of the field, etc. I hated painting for a while, the way one sometimes experiences grief over a failed romance as strong dislike for one’s ex. Now I realize that we weren’t matched well, we wanted different things. I’m fine now. Drawing is my boyfriend…


This is a sample of his work
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