Raquel Chicheri

Raquel Chicheri

Raquel Chicheri is a freelance photographer born in 1973, in Galicia, Northern Spain. She studied International Trade and Graphic Design. Although she was in love with photography since she was a kid, her professional relationship with photography began when she started to take pictures of her boyfriend who was a professional windsurfer, pictures that found their way to surfing publications. Since she is inspired by almost everything, she carries her camera everywhere and when she sees something that catches her attention she shoots. Living in Fuerteventura, an island off the coast of Africa, Raquel spends most of her time on the beach and if the situation is photographically right she sees it right away. She prefers to photograph casual situations, as her intention is to capture nature and the relationship of people around it.

In her own words:

Some situations are magical, when I realize I am in front of something special, my heart beats so fast and the happiness is absolute. There are so many cheesy, affected photos all around, I try to be different. I would love to make a complete series of photos about Cuba.


This is a sample of her work
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