Orsolya is a 2009 multi-awarded short animated film written and directed by Bella Szederkényi that was released online only a few days ago by CUB, Bella’s animation studio. It tells the story of Orsolya, a young girl whose body is suddenly shaken up making her see the world upside-down. How will she cope with this new situation?

(The film is also available in French here.)


Bella Szederkényi completed her diploma work at the visual communication/animation department of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) in 2009. Her graduation movie, an animated short titled Orsolya has won several prizes on international festivals. From 2010 she is a doctorate at the Doctoral School of MOME, her topic is the online content developing. During her years in the university, she spent a semester at the ASFA, Athens; she also studied in the schools like Gobelins in Paris, Filmakademie in Baden-Württember, The Animation Workshop in Vybort, and Skillset Academy in Wales. She started to work as a director/animation designer in Budapest Animation Studio in 2009. She joined the Animation Section of the Hungarian Filmmakers in 2010.

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