A Man Who Can Do Anything

A Man Who Can Do Anything

Everyone under thirty seems to be growing a beard. And why not, when that well-groomed beard makes you look like a man who can do anything.

A Man Who Can Do Anything is a trilogy of films made by Mass Minority Inc for UrbanBeard. The direction is by Sean Frewer and the photography by Maya Bankovic and in each of the episodes we are introduced to a man who can do anything… well, sort of.


Mass Minority are a change agent. They create ideas that harness technology to deliver interconnected experiences to engage people and grow business. UrbanBeard.ca is an online store selling a range of distinct and specialty beard products. They search far and wide for top quality ingredients and bring premium beard care products within a “click” of our customers. The importance of good beard care cannot be stressed enough. It should not be limited to just a shower.

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