Daniel Wimmer

Daniel Wimmer

Daniel Wimmer is an Austrian painter. He comes from a family of artists in Salzburg, and was therefore surrounded by art and art books since he was a child. He became addicted to colors and shapes and as an autodidact he had to work on his own with various books, courses and the Internet, in order to acquire the necessary knowledge. Techniques of Impressionism and Expressionism are to be found in his paintings as well as those of the old masters of realism and comic. However, regardless of the different influences, the dominant issue in his work always remain the man. Daniel loves to watch his fellow human beings and can not get enough of their beauty. A quick gesture, an interesting perspective or color combination inspire him to large-format oil paintings or small drawings. He finds particularly fascinating the beautiful and varied shades of skin and he also loves special and strong emotions.

In his own* words:

I want my paintings to achieve the maximum visual effect and for this I work with reduction and targeted use of contrasts. I also work a lot with composition and surface. I plan my paintings very carefully and love the interesting contrasts. Energy and spontaneity encounter phases of highest concentration and tranquility. Change and development are certainly a hallmark of my work. I do not find my style and I hope that it does not find me either.


This is a sample of his work
All images © Daniel Wimmer

*a little translation from German, you can read the original here

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