Advertisements usually display unruffled domestic happiness. But, as we will see in Page 23, this world looks too good to be true. Behind the beaming smile of fashion models loom adultery and the stifling daily routine.

PAGE 23 is the first short film that the young creatives Jeroen Houben, Tim Arts and Stefan van den Boogaard made together. The photography was by Dick Merx. Their effort immediately resulted in the jury prize and audience award at the 48 Hour Film Project in Utrecht (Netherlands) in 2011, and nominations in other categories. The mandatory ingredients for this short film, which was created in just two days during the contest were genre: sci-fi, prop: glasses and line of dialogue: “Amazingly beautiful, yet hopelessly impractical”.

Jeroen Houben is a film, music video and commercials director based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Tim Arts and Stefan van den Boogaard, are two Dutch creatives currently working in Portland, Oregon, USA, making distinct advertising campaigns for brands such as Volkswagen, IKEA, Levi’s, Neutrogena, Studio Brussels and Radio 1, having won over 75 international and national awards for creativity and effectiveness.


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