Paul Rutz

Paul Rutz

Paul X. Rutz is an american painter. He took a military/balletic route. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 2001, earned a master’s degree eight months later, then served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Kennedy (CV-67). While in the Naval Reserve he danced ballet with various small groups. After working as a reporter/photographer for the Pentagon’s press service, he went back to school to study imagery in American culture, completing a Ph.D. dissertation on art and the Iraq war in spring 2011. Throughout, he used the practice of painting to digest the stagecraft around him, earning the chance to show and sell that work, and eventually he took on painting as his main vocation. These days he lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

In his own words:

I paint with the constant reminder that looking at the world involves one’s whole, hovering self—from head to feet, mind and attitude. No picture is an exact repetition of our encounters, but I feel some compulsion to record what stirs me. This is an ancient compulsion. We need to do this recording, talk through it, and look again. I want to do my part to induce a state of unstable wonder at the unstable ways we see each other.

This is a sample of his work
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