Street Meet

Street Meet

Street Meet is a 2015 short film directed by Jacob Michael Hanania that answers the age old question, “why can’t I find love?” in just a few short minutes.

It’s a charming and delightful look at how love finds you while you’re busy looking for it. The film begins on a busy downtown street, where a handsome man whisks a beautiful young woman off of her feet with one simple question: “Beautiful day, isn’t it?” After overhearing this romantic story at work, the woman’s co-worker decides to employ this tactic for himself. Unfortunately, things don’t happen so easily for our hero and what follows is a funny and charming series of events that explores the nature of attraction in our busy world.

Jacob Hanania’s interest in film was piqued at an early age when he took a film arts course in high school. What was intended to be an easy credit turned into a fascination with the medium, growing into a career spanning 12 years. Upon graduation, an internship with a local TV channel allowed Jacob to develop his passion for the technical aspects of the industry. This newly-acquired skill set, coupled with the desire to tell an engaging story, lead him to Landed Entertainments and his 2008 directorial debut, MCF. This film proved to be a success; it was accepted into the New York International Film & Video Festival, inspiring Jacob to continue producing music videos and to build his resume with various roles on set. In 2014, his second short film – Street Meet – was accepted into several international film festivals. Between balancing his day job and developing his next directorial effort, Jacob eagerly awaits the opportunity to conquer his next creation.


  1. I loved this. It brought a huge smile to my face.

  2. It's one that I could watch again and again. I'd like to see more....that's a good thing.

  3. Delightful! Made me laugh so thanks for sharing :D

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