Jennifer King

Jennifer King

Jennifer King is a young american artist, born in 1988 in Orange County, California, working with oils, watercolors, ink, gouache and graphite, and considering themes of female sexuality. Having graduated from California State University Fullerton with a BFA in Painting and Drawing, she is now pursuing graduate school. Currently, she is a curator and founder of White Matter, a curitorial group, and has also shown work in Orange County, Seattle, and Los Angeles art galleries.

In her own words:

I create images through a mix of the imagined and the observed, focusing on the female form. Traditional master painters as well as contemporary painters and illustrators serve as inspiration to me. As a result, I strive to merge traditional painting techniques with contemporary elements to create the impact I desire, combining two art worlds into one. The figure presented in this “girl in a box” series exudes feelings of uncertainty, unease, disconnect, but also strength and heightened awareness. There exists a sense of longing and desire to break out of her confined space, to be a strong female individual, ignoring anyone’s expectations. Certain pieces contain both opaque and transparent layers of paint, alluding to the layered complexity of human psychology, and also gives a sense of reality fading into fantasy, or the tangible fading into the intangible. Faces with minimal expression allow the viewer to develop their own thoughts and opinions about who this woman is and how she feels. Subtle expressions are contrasted with vibrant, sensual colors; her way of grabbing your attention. I hope in my future work to portray the female perspective regarding identity in an impactful and empowering way.

This is a sample of her work
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  1. Love the colors of the face in Jennifer King's first picture. The purple is so striking!

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