James Talbot

James Talbot

James (Jim) Talbot is originally from the tiny village of Geneva, Ohio, USA. It was there where his observations, both light and dark, on the human condition were born. His visual laboratory were neighbors, childhood friends, factory workers, and farmers. He is a voyeur of the human condition. His mania is portraiture and quirky landscapes. Along the way, he stopped off at Boise State University for 16 years as an adjunct professor of art. Today, he is still that boy of long ago with a pounding, passion for photography, country music, good laughs, and enjoying Life.


This is a sample of his work
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  1. This has to be the love of my life at age six, when he waved to me outside of the old hospital in Geneva, Ohio where his dad had taken out my tonsils! He even bought me a present, but of course in the old days kids weren't allowed in the hospital if not a patient. I absolutely LOVE the life captured in his work!

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