Katerine Duska - One In A Million

Katerine Duska

Katerine Duska is a Canadian-born singer & songwriter currently residing in Athens, Greece. Born and raised in Montreal, her musical influences were multi-cultural. Katerine studied classical guitar at the conservatory as well as singing under the guidance of eminent vocal coach Eleni Melissidi, which exposed her to the world of classical music and helped broaden her musical horizons. She started experimenting with song writing as a teenager when she and her family first moved to Greece. She attended and studied law at the University of Athens only to realize that music was what she actually wanted to pursue professionally. While singing in various bands and performing in several small venues around the city, she experimented with numerous music genres covering favorite artists. She recently started to record her own compositions and just put together a new team of musicians to collaborate with.

Katerine Duska’s Soundcloud

“One In A Million” is the first single from her debut album “Embodiment”. The video is directed by Nicolas Androulakis and the photography is by Argyris Tsepelikas.

Featured photo by Elen Aivali

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