Cristina Coral


Cristina Coral is a freelance photographer from Italy. Her approach to photography and its development is almost entirely self-taught. She grew up in an artistic ambient environment and since her father was a music composer, music and art have always been very important in her life. After experimenting with several and different kinds of work, Cristina chose the camera as the medium of her artistic expression. It was then when she immediately understood what the camera could have given her in terms of experimentation and discovery of the world around her and herself. Ever since, photography became her imperative language. Her work has been awarded and published in several magazines and exhibitions. She lives and works in Trieste, Italy.

In her own words:

The camera is a way to express emotion, imagination and a place to be free. My works are triggered by different pulses: observation of the reality, thoughts and emotional baggage of memories.

This is a sample of her work
All images © Cristina Coral

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  1. Rather theatrical-scary/horror. Quite pleasing.

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