The Girl Who Spoke Cat

The Girl Who Spoke Cat

The Girl Who Spoke Cat is a short animated film written, produced and directed by Dotty Kultys.

In a dull, organised world, a curious girl longs for some colour and joy — against the wishes of her rule-obeying mother. When the girl follows a strange cat that doesn’t fully fit into society’s black and white standards, she discovers a boisterous underground filled with life. She decides to introduce it to the surface.

The animation and compositing is by Dotty Kultys, Szu Yu Chen, Nicola Dunlop and Hoda Touny.

Dotty Kultys is a Polish filmmaker and storywriter, currently based in Bristol, UK. With a strong background in theatre, she likes to bring a hand-made quality into her works, which come with a certain dose of naivety. She enjoys experimenting with seemingly unfitting styles and focusing on characters that usually get overlooked. And where it fits, she adds some rhyme to the mixture.


  1. Love the look, and the storytelling. Creative and inspiring

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