Just my Luck

Just My Luck

“Just my Luck” is a short film written and directed by Daniel Peters. He came up with it while trying to test his new Blackmagic Ursa 4.6K as he only wanted a little narrative for people to watch.

A young woman is trying to get to grips with a horrible letter, left by her husband. She is struggling to stay calm with her new born baby in the back seat. Then she begins to hear a phone ring in the distance. She begins to try and hunt down where the call is coming from. When she finds the phone, she gets little more than expected…


Daniel Peters is a freelance director and cinematographer based near London, UK. He has shot and directed in the US & Europe and he goes wherever the work may take him. Besides filmmaking, he loves his family, Betty and his dogs Monster & Bubbles. He loves creating a feeling in his work while also creating great imagery and he hopes it comes across that way too. Well it certainly does.

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