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House on Wheels

We’ve sent Echo Living some of your questions about their beautiful House on Wheels and Sam and Maggie replied back.
Thank you both!

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SE: What was the actual size of this residence?
Sam: This residence was designed specifically for the site to wrap around the three existing olive trees, the total internal size of the main space with the living and sleeping area was 20M2, the external decking 15M2 and the shower and toilet space is 3M2. Each building we do will be different.

SE: What is the cost for a project like this?
Maggie: The final cost of each building is specific to each individual project – its site requirements, and the variable costs of fixtures, fittings, materials and delivery. In the case of the House on Wheels, it was designed to be built in a way that allowed it to be transported to a site with a very restricted access which meant delivering a series of prefabricated sections which had then to be assembled on site, so was in no way a typical job. Every building will have a different set of criteria to meet, and as we are adaptable, the building process and costs are also variable.
Sam: Given all the above, price is in the region of 46k for a bespoke design fully fitted including all the solar PV. This particular building was designed to fit into a standard curtain sided lorry and was assembled by us on site in under a week.

SE: What about the transportation costs for shipping a house to Crete?
Sam: The total cost of shipping from the UK was around 4K (a lot of ferries). The cost of the transport depends on getting a haulier with a return load, Crete was a bigger problem that say mainland Europe as finding a load to go back is less of an issue.

SE: Do you have local associates in mainland Europe who can overlook the delivery and assembling of the houses abroad?
Sam: We deal with all the overseas planning and construction. That’s the fun bit and living in Scotland we need to see a bit of sun every now and then.

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