Taverne Gutenberg

Taverne Gutenberg

The Gutenberg Tavern is a Maïa d’Aboville and Henri Lamy art project. Maia d’Aboville is an interactive designer, graduate of the EnsAD (Decorative Arts in Paris, France) with a Masters from the Gobelins School of Image in Specialized Experiences and Digital Interactions. Her projects combine new technologies and the tangible. Maia is particularly interested in digital edutainment applications. Henri Lamy is a French figurative painter, whose work combines a neo-impressionist approach while bringing together painting and capoeira.



Together they created the Gutenberg Tavern out of their need to provide the opportunity to artists of all kind to exhibit their work to the public. For this they’ve transformed a previously abandoned three storey building in the center of Lyon, France, to a center for artistic exchange, where visitors can meet creators during exhibitions, concerts and workshops. The place opened its doors on October 1, 2015 and was an instant success with 60 collaborating artists and more than 3000 visitors since then. The Tavern is rapidly becoming one of the most important social and cultural places in Lyon, as it introduced the public to a new combined experience of getting close to the artistic process, meet the artists, and see how they work. Following the success of the events organized, the team of the Tavern decided to continue the adventure and develop the project even further. Their next show is called “Hybride” and will take place on the 10th of February, 2016.

Taverne Gutenberg

The team behind the success of the Gutenberg Tavern also include: Guillaume Sénéchal as the project coordinator, Mathilde Corbet as the general secretary, Clémence Chauvot who is in charge of public relations, Mélina Nieto as a mediator, the Saloppete webzine and numerous volunteers.

In their own words:

We want to improve the approach to the knowledge of art, making it more intuitive: everyone is invited to see and understand the artists’ creative process and participate.

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