Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson

After over 20 years in the advertising world as a writer, art director and designer, Christopher Wilson jumped off a cliff in 2003 to start In the five years since his jump, Christopher has been a very busy boy, creating a vast portfolio of powerful branding communications for some of the most recognized luxury brands on the planet, including Audi, Infiniti, Jaguar, Nikon, Johnnie Walker and Ritz-Carlton to name only a very few. Before that, Christopher was the Creative Director on Audi at Mckinney + Silver in Raleigh, North Carolina. During his four-year tenure there, he was responsible for some of the most beautiful and compelling work Audi has ever done. Before that, he was a creative at Martin/Williams in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was there for 11 years, and although it was cold most of the time, Christopher still managed to become one of the hottest creatives in town. Before that, he was a ballet dancer. He danced 8 hours a day, made no money, survived on bread and coffee, lost 20 pounds he didn’t have, looked like hell and broke his ankle twice. Before that, he was at Dartmouth College where he studied Ancient Greek, Latin and Italian Literature. Good stuff to know, he says, if you ever want to work in the Vatican. He is an obsessed mountain biker and enters races whenever he can, which is never because he is too busy working and taking care of his two beautiful daughters, Celia and Raney, by far the best things he has ever created. His wife, Cathy, lives in the center of his heart. Christopher Wilson is forever looking to create work that is as inspiring as his children are, and is as moving and powerful as his wife is.

This is a sample of his work
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  1. Wow ~ stunning career and work. I am inspired by this man's path and creative genius.

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