The Mechanical Waltz

The Mechanical Waltz

The Mechanical Waltz is a short animated film directed by Julien Dykmans and animated by several volunteers. The music is by Amaury Bernier.

It is a story of puppets living in a totalitarian world. They are destined to enact the same routine, controlled by their masters. But today is the day that frees them from the mechanical quotidian, and releases them into a beautiful waltz of freedom.

Julien Dykmans is a 30 year old belgian Graphic Designer. He has been working in the field of advertising and in the movie industry for the last 8 years. In 2006 he completed his first short film, The Way of Hope, which he wrote, directed and animated. Wanting to further pursue this creative avenue, he decided to embark upon a second journey in animated film by directing The Mechanical Waltz. It was his new life in Paris, and observations of society, that launched the initial idea of this second short: have we all become puppets? Amaury Bernier is a self-taught musician and multi instrumentalist who has performed in countless concerts from 1998 until now in several bands for which he was also a composer, a producer and an arranger.


  1. A good reminder to break free from norms.

  2. Looks fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very beautiful. Love the music and the minute attention to details.

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