Wikkelhouse is a special little house, made out of cardboard. It is what you get when an everyday material finds a groundbreaking purpose. Four years of research and development has led to a pioneering construction technology that involves a unique rotating house-shaped mould. Layer after layer of top-quality cardboard is wrapped around the mould. With eco-friendly superglue the layers, are bonded together. The result is an incredibly robust sandwich structure with optimal insulation qualities. Wikkelen is Dutch for wrapping, hence: Wikkelhouse. A one-of-a-kind holiday home, guest house or office space, Wikkelhouse can be whatever you want it to be.

All images © Wikkelhouse/Yvonne Witte

The house is made up of 1.2 meter deep segments that can easily be connected and disconnected. The modular setup makes the house highly flexible. Add extra segments for extra meters. Create your own floorplan. Change it later. Truly anything goes. Since it is sustainably produced and made of materials that have minimal impact on the environment, it is 3x more eco-friendly than traditional housing. Moreover, the segments can be reused over and over again and are 100% recyclabe. It is built in Amsterdam and when ready, the segments are transported to the location of your choice and connected on the spot. It just takes a day to place. It doesn’t need a foundation and can be placed anywhere you want it to be. On the beachside, in your backyard or even on a rooftop. Looking for a change of scenery? Just move the house to a different spot. Each house is finished with waterproof coating and wood panelling to protect it from all weather conditions.



Wikkelhouse is designed and developed by the good people of Fiction Factory, a company of creative makers. Since 1989 they build exceptional interiors, fair stands and furniture for a worldwide audience. And now they make houses too. Because they want to. And because they can. 🙂