Eric & Peety

Eirc & Peety

Eric & Peety is a short film which combines live footage and line-drawn animation to tell the touching story of a pet who saved one man’s life. The film is produced by Advocate Creative and was sponsored by Timi & John M. Sobrato for Mutual Rescue™ and Humane Society Silicon Valley.

Mutual Rescue™ is an initiative that aims to change the way people see animal welfare. By sharing stories about connecting a person with an animal, Mutual Rescue™ hopes to demonstrate that when you support your local animal shelter, you’re not just enhancing an animal’s life—you’re also transforming a person’s life as well. The stories shared by everyday people through Mutual Rescue™ are testaments to the incredible impact that an animal and a person have on each other, and that “rescuing” isn’t in just one direction. Stories are accepted February 14 – April 30, 2016.


  1. So beautiful. TFS.

  2. As a runner and an owner of three rescues, I thank you!

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